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To Date More Than 1,100,000 NICE Integrated Solutions


NICE Integrated Solution
  • Innovative technology – pioneering “Integrated Solution” controllers and continuing to lead the field
  • Extensive product range – catering for all classes and sizes of elevators & escalators
  • Customized solutions – satisfying specific OEM functional and safety requirements
  • World-class manufacturing – delivering quality and cost effective products
  • Dependable technical support – expertise and know-how organized to serve OEMs




NICE Integrated Solution


  NICE Family

The NICE Series of Integrated Solution is an innovative approach for OEMs who value fully featured performance at competitive cost, made possible by the “all-in-one” controller and drive inverter concept. First introduced in 2006 by Monarch, NICE Integrated Solution technology is well prove and its benefits have been recognized by leading elevator OEMs. Combining all the required functionality into a single unit delivers important benefits:

  • Compact dimensions, optimizing cabinet size
  • One programming interface
  • Interface for easy setup and shorter startup time
  • High quality ride comfort with time-efficient direct landing
  • Enhanced safety during re-levelling with UCM protection


Engineered for Safety


  Man on Lift  The elevator world is currently challenged to deliver greater safety following the introduction of new safety standards and practices (EN81) and this has led to a period of harmonization and innovation. Monarch has always addressed safety compliance with great care and attention in the Chinese market (GB codes). Our latest NICE Integrated Solution controllers comply with international EN81-1-A3 standards - for example, the provision of protection against unintended car movements (UCM) during relevelling operations. Our solutions address all such mandatory safety systems, as well as many additional and regional requirements.


Engineered Solutions - E Package

We engineer E Packages to be cost-effective and time-efficient for new and modernization projects. Our MR and MRL control cabinets incorporate our NICE Integrated Solution for control of geared and gearless traction machines, plus an option for rescue utilizing an external UPS device. We offer a wide range of compatible accessories (including COPs, LOPs, displays, cables, announcers, intercoms and leveling sensors) to suit your specific requirements.



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