Plastic Injection Moulding Machines – Energy Savings Solution


Inovance Technology is a leading supplier of Servo Pump products to the Plastic Injection Molding Machine market. Servo Pump solutions provides high level of Energy Savings resulting in higher efficiencies over traditional hydraulic control by controlling Flow and Pressure as and when required during the machine cycle of clamping, injection , cooling, ejection etc. Servo Pump Energy Savings solutions have been standardized within new machines and the ever increasing cost of electricity has also resulted in Servo Pumps to be retrofitted into existing installed machines with cost effective and short payback periods.



IS580 Servo Drive


IS580 is a 2nd Generation series of servo drive specific for Servo Pump applications compatible with the ISMG series of servo motors, running in close loop mode to control the hydraulic Flow and Pressure.

  • 3 Phase 400V series from 11kW to 160kW
  • 3 Phase 220V series from 5.5kW to 80kW

The IS580 is also capable of controlling standard asynchronous (induction) motors in open and close loop mode.


ISMG Servo Motor

ISMG Hydraulic Servo Motor

ISMG series is the compatible servo motor designed for the plastic injection machine continuous working cycle and a harsh working environment. The motor frame is totally enclosed to IP54 protection and force ventilated with a cooling fan (self ventilated version available as option). Resolver feedback is standard fitment to meet the harsh working environment. The motor datasheets provide S1 (continuous) and S4 (intermittent) duty ratings which allows the optimal selection of a motor and drive for the machine load cycle.

  • ISMG1 flange 200x200mm with core lengths of 375/410/445/480/550mm to cover the range of 9 to 41 kW (S4 duty)
  • ISMG2 flange 266x266mm with core lengths of 525/575/675/780mm to cover the range of 31 to 110kW (S4 duty)

Standard base speed is 2000 rpm and 1500/1700 rpm are available options.



Package Solution Servo Pump & Accessories

 Servo Pump Structure


Fully assembled Servo Pump Packages are available based on the Pressure (Bar) and Flow (LPM) requirement of the machine. The typical package can comprise of:


  • ISMG motor coupled to a Hydraulic Pump on a foot mounted bell housing
  • IS580 servo drive
  • Dynamic brake resistors
  • AC input reactors
  • AC input RFI filter
  • Drive output ferrite core rings
  • Pressure transducer
  • Resolver feedback cable